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SUBWAY Gift Card Collection

Gift Card Balance Information for Subway

SUBWAY Gift Card $25 Gift Wrapped Design

Product Description

SUBWAY restaurants offer a wide selection of freshly made sandwiches, salads, sides and breakfast for every appetite. With over 26,000 locations across North America, in all 50 US states and all Canadian provinces, there’s always a SUBWAY® restaurant nearby.

Important Information

Legal Disclaimer

SUBWAY CARD TERMS: Protect your Card Like Cash! We can only replace remaining balances on lost, stolen or damaged Cards if your Card is registered online at www.mysubwaycard.com and proof of purchase is provided. Your reloadable SUBWAY Card is issued by Value Pay Services LLC and never expires, nor do we charge any fees. Your card is not redeemable for cash except as required by law. Reward points expire after 36 months, unless stated otherwise by us. Only valid at Participating Restaurants; visit www.mysubwaycard.com for complete terms and conditions. Use of this Card constitutes acceptance of these terms. ©2010 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates, Inc.


Have You Registered Your Card Yet?

In order to check your card balance online you must first register your card.

Click  HERE to register your card and take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Protect your card balance if it’s lost or stolen.
    • View information for purchases made with your card.
    • Manage your accounts online.
    • Add multiple cards to your account and monitor card balances or merge cards.
    • Set up cards for auto-reload.
    • Be eligible for promotional offers as part of the SUBWAY® Card program.

If you have already registered your card and want to reload it, please Sing In.

Balance and activity

What is the SUBWAY® card PIN is used for and where I can find it?

SUBWAY® card PIN is used to help determine when talking with representatives of the customer service or current account information over the phone or on our website. It can be found by scratching from the silver box located on the back side of the card SUBWAY®.

How can I check my balance (s) and activity on the SUBWAY® card?

You can check out their cards SUBWAY® or a point of equilibrium at:

Visit any participating SUBWAY® restaurant and eat a sandwich Artist® a magnetic card of your at the point of sale terminals (POS)

By calling the free phone (877) 697-8222

Checking account in the Internet at www.mysubwaycard.com

Whether you want to buy the other SUBWAY® card, if I use up to the amount on the card?

Card number SUBWAY® is a reusable and replenished so that you can make money on the existing card at any time and to use it as a convenient method of payment of the participation of the restaurant SUBWAY® places.

Can cash balances of the two cards be combined on one card?

If you have more than one SUBWAY® card with cash loaded on them, you can combine the balances from one card to another, provided that all the cards are registered in the framework of the same profile in the www.mysubwaycard.comand , provided you combine two or more of the same type of card (example: Cash Card for Cash Card and no cash on the card Reward card or Vice versa). Restrictions reloadability and maximum balance of the card may be charged.

Can I get back the cash or money, if I have the metro (R) card Balance dollar?

In accordance with the legal policy, metro (R) cards are not redeemable for cash, except for the cases stipulated by the law.

If you have the right to a cash back, defined in your state’s laws, you can get a refund in the participating SUBWAY (R) place or perform the following steps to your SUBWAY (d) the balance of the card is returned:

1. Call 1-877-697-8222 should be immediately eliminated the balance of Your account frozen.

2. Print the return of the Balance of the account request Form and then send the completed form with your SUBWAY (R) for the cards:

The value of pay for the services LLC

9200 South Dadeland Blvd., Suite 705

Miami, FL 33156

Attention: map of return

Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time for a refund check will be issued.

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Registration of your SUBWAY® card

Why should I register my card SUBWAY®?

The registration card SUBWAY® you can help protect the balance of funds on your card, if it is lost or stolen. In addition, after the registration, you have the right to receive special promotional offers, if you have not chosen to opt-out of receiving such proposals. Log on to the website.


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