01May / 2013

Buying a Gift card “Home Depot”

Buying a Gift card “Home Depot”, You hit the target on all 100 percent! The gift card, which you can pay in supermarkets “Home Depot”is always the way.

Rules and conditions for the sale of gift cards:

- The gift card is a public offer.
- Gift cards You can purchase at the cash desks in all supermarkets of the trading network “Home Depot” for a cash payment, and when paying by credit card.
- When you purchase the Gift card, the Buyer will receive a cash receipt.
- The gift card is not registered and can be transmitted to the enjoyment of other persons.
- The gift card gives the right of acquisition of the goods in all supermarkets network.
- The nominal value of the gift card is indicated on the front side and is one or three thousand usd.
- The gift card is valid for one year from the date of its acquisition.
- Purchase of the goods at the payment of the Gift card is possible once. If the purchase price exceeding the nominal value of the Gift card, the difference must pay in cash or with a Bank card. If the amount of purchase less than the face value of the Gift – the balance of unused funds will not be compensated.
- Use upon payment of a purchase several Gift cards cannot be. Each Gift card can be used at one time with a single purchase.
Used the Gift card remains the cashier.
- When buying a Gift card discounts on discount cards are not available.
- When you pay for a Gift card, discounts on purchases is not provided
Home depot gift card balance
- Exchange and return of substandard goods acquired with the help of the Gift card, carried out in the order, stipulated by the legislation of the USA.
- The gift card refund or exchange for cash is not subject to.
- In case of loss of or damage to the Gift card is not restored.
- The funds kept on the balance sheet of the Gift card is not interest bearing
- Purchase of the Gift card testifies to the consent of the Buyer with the present rules.

For corporate clients the card can be produced with any denomination.

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